Building Our Dreams - Stage 1

This build will begin "officially" next week as Darren rents a bobcat and works on leveling out the foundation area. He is utterly ecstatic to rent this piece of equipment and play "adult sandbox" for a couple days.

Casting Call!

"Could we please have all of the unrepresented folks in a line over here?" Yes, that's me. Let me get up in front of this crowd with only a few others to move and announce to the world that we are in fact not represented by an agent. Cool, cool. No worries.

The Chickensens

Trying to pacify my fear and anxiety, Darren took me to the farm supply store to check out the baby chicks. This, my friends, was evil. Baby chicks are so tiny and cute and you just want to hug them and love them and take them all home. Yep, it worked like a charm! 

About Him

I would love to invoke a spark of imagination, hope, inspiration, or maybe even change in the world. This blog, for me, is an experiment in doing just that, so let’s get you introduced to me and how I came to be.

You Are What You Eat

We've all heard this phrase, "You are what you eat." We smile and nod, maybe give an affirming "mm-hmm" and then move on without really thinking about it. About seven years ago, however, we actually stopped to think about it - and boy oh boy was that a can of worms!

So You Think You Can Propose?

"So, if we do the boat tour on December 30th it will cost about half as much as taking the same tour on New Years Eve? Done then...December 30th it is!" As I hung up the phone with the Disney travel concierge, Darren and I both peered at each other in excitement. We had been planning to take a magical holiday trip to Disney in 2009, leaving just after Christmas and going into the new year. 

About Her

Hi y'all, I'm Becca! I'm pretty goofy, love to learn new things and take on tasks or activities that others wouldn't dare. I like being different, but also struggle with it sometimes. I am an organizational queen who finds peace in things being juuuuust right. I am a major type A perfectionist with an extremely loud people-pleaser voice in my head. I know...I'm working on it! Darren and I live pretty outside the box right now on a couple acres in the Texas hill country and we absolutely love it!